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The core philosophy behind XCEL ENGLISH is based on the synergy between tradition and innovation. We believe in using technology to our advantage while adhering to the original pillars and values of our organization.

Since we started out, we’ve always been committed to improving. Whether it’s simplifying operations or making courses more straightforward, we do everything possible to create the best learning environment.

Maximising Potential through Individual Attention

XCEL ENGLISH is an online platform which enables LIVE interactive classes on Spoken English between a trainer and a student. It offers customised one on one classes. The company has some of the best certified and experienced trainers in the industry. The trainers use two-way audio, video and white board tools where both teacher and student are able to see, hear, write and interact in real-time. XCEL ENGLISH prepares the students appearing for competitive exams and Interviews as well. Our core team consists of skilled, proficient and qualified Trainers, who got together with an aim to provide correct guidance to students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, housewives and anyone who wants to overcome their weakness in Spoken English and enhance their personality.

Our USP is the quality of trainers we have and their unwavering commitment to help you achieve your aim, which we do by maximising your potential through personalized attention.

We hope you enjoy our courses as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Madhvi, Founder

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Mrs Madhvi Dixit Srivastav, MD & Founder of XCEL ENGLISH has more than seven years of experience in Corporate sector and five years in education sector. She holds a Diploma in International Airlines and Hotel Management and is an MBA in Hospitality & Tourism. She has also acquired the Nursery Teacher’s Training Diploma. After having worked in corporate world she changed her work profile to education sector to strike a better work-life balance.

English is a foreign language but it has been so deeply ingrained in our genes that we find ourselves handicapped without it. English is actually an official language at Govt of India. Your degrees and professional knowledge don’t count for much if you’re not able to articulate yourself in this language.

While your ability to speak English depends a lot on the kind of school you went to and the kind of peer group you had while in your formative years, it’s not entirely impossible to smoothen the edges & polish your game at a later stage of your life.

Every second person these days wants to learn English but is unable to afford the huge fees being demanded by most high end institutes. Madhvi decided to bring the change herself that she wanted to see in this sector. The Covid-19 induced lockdown taught everyone that online classes were the new normal and thus it is possible to reduce costs very significantly and to pass on the benefits to those who need it the most…the students!

The isolation after getting infected with Covid made her think, and she realised that there is no certainty of life.  If we risk nothing today, then we still would have gained nothing at the end of the day. No matter what happens today, the Sun will rise again tomorrow morning bringing a new hope of life.

This is how “XCEL ENGLISH” was born.

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